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Nonwoven fabric is currently the material of choice for Chinas promotional bag suppliers.


It boasts several advantages, chief among which is the ability to dissolve in 90 days when placed outdoors for disposal. The adoption of the input comes amid strong environmental consciousness in the major overseas markets.

Further, nonwoven fabric resists moisture and fire, and is breathable, lightweight, nontoxic and recyclable. The textile can also retain rich colors.

This durable material has a typical life span of five years. When held against flame, it does not generate a noxious odor.

Various types of nonwoven fabric are available. These are usually classified according to weight. The most popular options are 70, 80 and 90g, although the range is from 35 to more than 100g.

Canvas is another alternative for suppliers of the line. It is the strongest material frequently utilized and has good water resistance.

Cotton is an environment-friendly substitute. Its high natural liquid-absorption ability, however, restricts potential usage and necessitates complicated logo-application techniques to ensure even patterns.

PET and PVC promotional bags have strong perceived value. The limited strength characteristics make products suitable only for lightweight items such as jewelry, garments, watches and perfume. These materials offer good water resistance, and enable silk-screening, and pad, transfer and offset printing. Of the available types, however, they are the least eco-friendly.

Many companies combine inputs or apply treatments to their releases to improve physical attributes. A film layer that in

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